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About us

Accounting firm ‘OTIS’ provides the whole range of accounting services to the small and middle-sized businesses of different legal and structural forms  in different spheres.


We all know how important the appropriate bookkeeping is.


Accounting has always been needed.


Accounting is the basis, the heart of any enterprise.


Well-ordered accounting is peace of mind and good sleep for the owner and the director of the company.


Accounting is quiet a monotonous work which requires a lot of patience. It is quite clear that bookkeeping is one of the most important things of any firm. Therefore it is very important to choose qualitative and reliable accounting services. Accounting services and accompanying are very important for every firm planning to build a successful business.


Detached accounting services and accompanying allow to reduce firm expenses. You don’t need to organise working place for an accountant, to buy furniture and a computer, to rent a premise. You also save tax payments as you will not pay accountant’s salary.  You’ll refer the cost of our services as the enterprise costs.


We not only take responsibilities for complex accounting services, keeping tax accounting and bookkeeping, reports’ drawing up and handing in but also constantly consult our clients in order to choose the best solutions of different situations, so that no negative consequences are possible.


We practise an individual approach to every customer needs, constant attention to his problems and wishes, no matter what kind of business you own.