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Accounting services and reporting for legal entities

Complex accounting services presuppose  high-qualified, experienced accountants working for your firm. That guaranties high qualitative level of tax accounting and bookkeeping in your company.


Complex accounting services include the whole range of accounting services from forming primary account forms to drawing up and handing in accountancy and tax reporting:

-    To study the activity of an enterprise( foundation documents, business specific, organisation of working processes);

-    To choose the most optimum system of tax accounting;

-    Development of the main principles and methods tax accounting and bookkeeping ,which reflect in the organisation accounting policy;

-    Organisation of record-keeping needed for an in time data accounting;

-    Accountancy structure organisation, job descriptions development;

-    Automation of accounting;

-    Development and optimisation of accounting policy for bookkeeping and accounting purposes;

-    Forming of primary account forms;

-    Accounting of information in monetary equivalent about the property and the liabilities of an enterprise based on the primary account and tax forms;

-    Formation of bookkeeping and accounting settled registers;

-    Tax base calculation in accordance to the legislation;

-    Taxes calculation according to current rates;

-    Necessary documents preparation and checking with tax bodies;

-    Presentation of all the business operations performed on bookkeeping accounts;

-    Salary, holiday payments accounting etc;

-    Preparation of all the documents required for salary payments;

-    Bank documents preparation;

-    Accounting and drawing up balance;

-    Tax accounting, reports and tax returns drawing up and handing in to the tax bodies;

-    Drawing up reports, required for  the Pension fund and the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine;

-    Filling in the forms of quarterly and annual reports;

-    Keeping internal reports.


Nowadays, complex accounting services are not only prestigious, but also it saves your time, money and nerves!


It is often an alternative to personal accountant services.