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Tax optimization

Tax optimization is the reduction of tax obligations by purposeful legal tax payer actions, which include the usage of all legally provided benefits, tax exemptions and other legal advantages.


Tax optimization is seen in payers choice of the most convenient legal forms of performing activities, aimed to calculate optimum tax payments in concrete business conditions according to current legislation. Legal forms presuppose legally stated variations of behaviour: the choice of organizational and legal form of activity performing, tax treatment, discount policy, kind and conditions of civil transactions, discount usage. The search for optimum management solutions in order to decrease compulsory levies within the law, is the characteristic direction of enterprise tax policy in market conditions.


The main difference between tax optimization and tax evasion is usage of allowed or not legally abandoned ways to reduce tax payments, without breaking the law. Therefore, the above stated actions of a tax payer aren’t considered to be tax offence or crime and couldn’t be the reason of unfavourable consequences such as additional tax payments and other financial sanctions.


Accounting firm ‘OTIS’ is ready to provide ‘Tax optimization’ services separately or as a part of complex accounting services.